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★Feature Meat mincing machines are designed basing on international advanced technology and our creative concept. They are driven through enclosed-gears. These machines are controlledin construction, of smooth and reliable running, and good looking. The full stainless steel meat mincing Unit to meet maximum hygienestandard. The machines are suitable for meat mincing in hotels,restaurants, kitchens and canteens. ★Technical Specifications










Motor (W)




Voltage (V)


Dimensions (mm)




Weight (kg)




 ★Operation and Maintenance
1.  Before use, check that the power supply corresponds to that required by the machine, and that the external carting wire is reliable connected.
2.  Remove the head from the machine, wash the parts dismounted with clean water, then reassemble them as directed in figure.
3.  Before mincing, first turn lock-handle counter clock wise, tight the front nut but not too tight.
4. Remove skin and bone from the meat to be minced. Cutting them into smaller pieces.
5. Feed the pieces into mincing chamber with the feed-stick. Don’t use other matter.
6. Disassemble the head and wash it with clean water immediately after use, as to avoid bacteria growth.
7.  If the minced meat is not discharged smoothly or in the form of paste, the causes and remedies could be:(a) Front not is tighten too much thus, the mincing blade does not connect properly with the discharge plate, readjust it.(b) The discharge plate is blocked, clean it.(c) Blade edges are dull, grind or replace it.
★Operation steps and precautions 1. The operator must be familiar with the performance, specifications and the function of each part of the meat grinder to ensure the safety of the operation. 2. When the meat grinder is operated, the clothes shall be in order, the sleeves shall not be too long, and it is forbidden to operate the machine with gloves.. 3. Before use, the meat grinder should be inspected thoroughly to check whether there are obstacles in each transmission component. Whether the blade of the discharge port is intact or not. 4. There should be no water on the hand when starting the switch. Run the machine first to see if it works properly. The empty machine running time should not be too long to prevent damage to the blade. 5. When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to reach your hand into the feed inlet. When feeding the meat, you should not press it with your hand. You should use a pusher or a wooden stick to press down. You can not use the metal tool to press the meat to avoid the stainless steel worm hitting the metal tool. Because if the tool pops up, it will easily course operator injury and damage to the meat grinder. 6. The meat pieces must be uniform, not too much, so as not to damage the motor, if it is found that the machine is not running properly, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the reasons should be checked after shutdown. 7. The meat pieces shall not be too large. The meat shall be cut into thin strips. meat should not take bones and skin, so as to prevent the meat grinder from being stuck. It is found that the meat grinder is stuck and shall be shut down immediately and shall not be forced to run. 8. Disconnect the power after the operation is completed, and clean the worm, Tee fitting, blades to ensure a healthy diet. When cleaning the meat grinder, it is strictly forbidden to wash the electrical parts with water to avoid electric shock or burn out the motor. 9. If the meat grinder is broken down, it must be shut down immediately. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle the mechanical and electrical parts and must be repaired by professional maintenance personnel. ★Equipment maintenance and care 1. Cleaning the machine parts regularly and maintaining the running parts can prevent the machine parts from being damaged prematurely. 2. After each use, the knife set and the Tee fitting part can be removed and cleaned with water. It is strictly forbidden to directly flush the machine with a spray pipe. 3. In the course of work, if the sound of the machine is abnormal, it must be stopped and checked immediately, and can continue to work after troubleshooting. 4. If the machine is not used for a long time, store it in a dry, non-corrosive atmosphere, and do not contact with corrosive materials to avoid damage to the product. ★Electrical safety 1. All repairs and maintenance, must first cut off the power before proceeding. ★Special attention 1.If a fault such as electric leakage is found, the power supply should be shut down immediately, electrician should be found to repair it, and the machine shall not be repaired privately. 2.Before use, it must be used strictly according to the operating procedures, and must refer to the requirements of the instruction manual. 3. Keep the machine working in a stable state and do not shake the machine while working.